It’s never easy to say goodbye to a loved one.

Empire Mortuary Services has been helping to celebrate life for over a decade.

It’s important to make sure that your loved one’s arrangements are handled properly. Everyone has their own unique wishes and we can help you create something that honors their desires and yours.

Whether your loved one wants burial or cremation, we are committed to helping you arrange affordable, respectful proceedings while being sensitive to your and your family’s emotions during this tough time. 


Burial is one of the most traditional methods of memorializing a person. If you choose a traditional burial for your loved one, the person’s body will be gently prepared for the upcoming ceremony, either in the form of an open or closed casket.

You will also choose a casket to house your loved one’s body (unless the deceased person has already done this through pre-burial planning). Once the casket is chosen, your loved one will be laid to rest in it and buried in a cemetery of your choosing.

A memorial headstone or marker can then be placed on the gravesite, and the area can serve as an important site for friends, family, and loved ones to visit and remember the deceased for years to come.


Cremation is becoming more popular and currently serves as an alternate option for families who do not wish for a standard burial. After the deceased has been cremated, the ashes will be given to the family of the deceased. The family then has the choice of what to do with the remains.

While many people choose to bury the cremated remains in a cemetery plot, some people choose to display the remains in a special urn or to scatter the ashes in the places the deceased person loved the most.  Regardless of what option you choose; a memorial congregation can still be arranged.


Bronze Cremorials provide families the opportunity to combine a ground burial and cremation. The individually selected urn is securely placed directly into the Bronze Cremorial. 


Cremation benches are made of granite or marble and provide a permanent memorial to your loved one. An outdoor environment provides the ideal setting to reflect upon the life of a friend or loved one. A cremation bench would be an ideal place to survey the beauty of the surroundings and reminisce on a life well lived. 


Glass-Front Niches are a fairly new and tastefully classy option for those who choose to place cremains in a niche. It allows for a special place to go while keeping the unique individuality of the choice of urn viewable. Additionally, some families choose to place meaningful personal effects in these niches providing yet another way of keeping special memories alive.