No one likes thinking about leaving their loved ones behind. This can lead to people putting off important arrangements. While it’s never easy to consider what will happen when you’re gone, it is worth making arrangements ahead of time. Planning ahead makes things a bit easier on your family and allows their privacy to be respected. 

When it comes to making arrangements for the future, you may have plenty of questions. But Empire Mortuary Services is committed to helping answer your questions in a truthful manner. Whether you’re uncertain or apprehensive, we’re committed to helping you approach this subject matter delicately and making sure things are in place so your family isn’t overburdened.



Many people plan for the future, but few consider planning ahead in the event that they’d pass away. This can be difficult, as some people are apprehensive about planning out these types of arrangements. But there are many good reasons to do this. One of which is that it makes a bit easier on your loved ones. 


Pre-planning can decrease the financial strain on your family.

End-of-life proceedings can be expensive, and planning for them on your own is the best possible way to ensure that your loved ones don’t get stuck with an unexpected bill when the funeral has to be paid for.  The end-of-life can be an uncertain time full of stress and discomfort. By pre-planning you leave one less task for your loved ones to concern themselves with.

Pre-planning allows you to make rational decisions.

Thinking about your death years before it happens is the best way to make sure your wishes are honored, and your bases are covered. If you leave these responsibilities to your friends and family in the wake of your death, however, it may be difficult for them to think clearly while also coping with their grief. By handling the big decisions for them, you can free your friends and family members up to cope with their processes, instead.

Pre-planning helps you be remembered the way you would choose.

Do you prefer a small chapel gathering over an intricate church service? Pre-planning allows you to ensure this is what takes place. In the event of your death, your friends and family members want to remember you the way you want to be remembered, and pre-planning can help this happen.

Pre-planning helps you keep family traditions alive.

If you’d like to be buried in a family plot or alongside relatives or a deceased spouse, pre-planning is the most efficient way to ensure this happens. Pre-planning is ideal for anyone who has family traditions they care deeply about. A well thought out plan ensures all desires are met.


End-of-Life Proceedings: Simplified

While we understand that death is not something most people want to spend lots of time thinking or talking about, planning for that inevitability can help streamline the process, remove financial and emotional burdens from loved ones, and ensure a proper burial and memorial.

At Empire Mortuary Services, we’ll go through the pre-planning process with you and your family to make sure that all of your wishes are met, and to see to it that you get exactly what you want from your end-of-life proceedings. Whether you imagine a large church service or a unique gathering to celebrate rather than mourn your life, we’re here to help you plan as efficiently as possible.

Pre-planning is one way you can continue to care for your family, even after you’re gone. At Empire Mortuary Servies, your end-of-life celebration is in compassionate hands, and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure that all of your wishes are met and that your friends and family are cared for in a gentle and loving way as they move into the next phase of their lives.


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